AYS NYC is dedicated to the practice of traditional Ashtanga Yoga as taught by yoga masters - Sri K Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009) and Dr KL Shankaranarayana Jois. 

We offer classes in asana, pranayama and yoga philosophy/theory.

Asana Practice - Mysore Style and Led Classes

Asana practice is healing, strengthening and purifying - a perfect antidote to the modern lifestyle which causes so much physical and mental stress. Yoga can alleviate many common ailments such as headaches, insomnia, back pain etc.. It also purifies the body of toxins, increases vitality and brings greater mental peace and clarity.

Ashtanga Yoga is taught according to two methods - Mysore Style and Led Classes. Mysore Style is the traditional format for learning yoga - it is suitable for beginners and experienced students. Led classes ($20 drop in) are suitable for students experienced in other styles of yoga who are not ready to commit to a daily morning practice of Ashtanga Yoga. In the led class students are guided as a group wheras in the Mysore class students are taught individually.

Pattabhi Jois’s system of asanas combines static postures linked together with dynamic breath-synchronized movements known as vinyasa. He divided asana practice into three sections: for therapy (Chikitsa Bhaga), for purification (Shodhona Bhaga) and for stability or strength (Sthira Bhaga).

Although the postures are divided into these three sections, the processes of therapy, purification and strengthening happen simultaneously in each of the sequences. However, the first or Primary Series sequence emphasizes the process of therapy as a starting point, while the Intermediate series emphasizes purification and the advanced practice emphasizes strength and stability.

Each sequence is preceded by the practice of Sun Salutations - or Surya Namaskara - and concludes with cool down postures, breathing and relaxation.

Mysore Style

Mysore style is the traditional way yoga practice has been taught since ancient times. In this approach to teaching, each student develops a practice which is suited to his or her individual needs and goals under the guidance of the teacher. 

Although the sequences of postures are used as a blueprint for developing a practice, the way it is unfolded or applied for each student is unique. Students have different body types, lifestyles and work environments - a yoga practice is developed with these and other factors in mind.

Mysore style yoga is ideal for complete beginners and experienced students.

Led Classes - Half Primary Drop-in Class - Monday-Thursday 6.30pm
 - $20 ($10 for Mysore students)

The Ashtanga Sequences can be presented in two ways - in the Mysore Style approach, a practice is developed gradually over time - this requires regular (ideally daily) practice and a monthly membership commitment. 

Led Classes present the series in a more familiar format - instead of learning the sequence gradually, little by little, in the Led Class, every movement and every breath of the sequence is guided by the teacher. The students in the class move and breathe together in unison whereas in the Mysore class, the students move and breathe independently of each other.

At the moment we are offering a class covering the first half of the Primary Series (up to Navasana). These are open drop in classes. Mysore students who miss morning practice can attend these classes at a reduced rate ($10).

This format is good for students who already have some experience with other styles of yoga and who are not yet ready to transition to a daily morning practice. 


Monday - Thursday

7-10am Mysore (door open 6.30-10.30am) 

 6.30pm Led Half Primary Series - $20 drop in


8.30-10am Mysore (door open 7-10.30am)



8.30-10am Mysore (door open 8-10.30am)  

Please note - the yoga shala is closed on Full Moon and New Moon days

Shala Fees

Shala fees fall due on the 1st of each month:

unlimited $225
beginners first month $175

full time students $190

You may pay when you come to class by cash or check. To pay by credit card please use this link. We cannot take cards at the yoga shala.

For visiting students with an established Ashtanga practice*

one week $90
drop in $25  
*cash only - includes mat and hand towel rental

What You Should Know about Practice

Do not eat before practice!

We recommend that you leave at least four hours between eating a meal and practicing yoga. Ideally your digestive system should be as empty as possible - in other words early morning practice is best after emptying bowel and bladder. Do not drink water during practice, but wait until after you have rested.

We also suggest that you do not practice yoga during the 2-3 heaviest days of menstruation. Irregularities in your menstrual cycle such as prolonged periods may result from practice at this time. 

Please inform us if you have any injuries, health problems or if you become pregnant, so we can adjust your practice accordingly. In general, if you become sick or have injured yourself, you will feel better and heal quicker if you practice. 

A shower before practice helps to increase flexibility and mental focus. It is also makes the experience for your teachers and others practicing around you more pleasant! Please wear clean yoga clothes, wash your mat regularly and do not wear perfume or cologne as these can cause allergic reactions for others.